Adventure 298 ~ Explore My Branding

Jane Talbot ~ Humans ResourcedConsidering I’m such an adventurous gal, you’d think that I’d enjoy a change-about now and again, wouldn’t you? Looking at both my Facebook wall and page for my business, I realised that I hadn’t changed my wall cover image since September 2013 – and I hadn’t change my Humans Resourced page cover EVER!

Jane Talbot ~ Humans ResourcedThis 365 Days Of Adventure project has really got me thinking about what I’m all about, the way I’d like to run my business in the future, and the kind of life I want to live. So for today’s adventure, I’ve been exploring and playing – trying to find images and words that express more of who I am.

Jane Talbot ~ Humans ResourcedFor my Humans Resourced page, I’ve now generated a collection of images around the theme of “Bold Living” – I think that’s the direction my business is headed in right now. I’ve posted my favourites here ~ the peacock image is currently gracing the header spot on my Humans Resourced Facebook page 🙂 .

Henry Thoreau QuoteFor my personal wall, I’ve taken a Henry David Thoreau quote and made it into a cover picture. I think the quote really captures the essence of what I’m about and how I’m living.

I am just going outside and may be some time.