Adventure 299 ~ Learn Some Basic Hungarian Phrases

Do you speak Hungarian?When people hear about my 365 Days Of Adventure project, one of the most common things they say is, “That’s really inspiring, but I just don’t have time for that kind of thing.”

The whole emphasis of the project has been on having a micro adventure everyday. Some of those micro adventures have added up to become mighty big adventures. I’ll also admit that some of my adventures took me a little longer than others ~ in fact, writing the chapters for my unromantic romantic novel seemed painfully long at times (what with all those tragic deaths and no romance whatsoever) 😛

For today’s adventure, I want to show you that it is really possible to integrate daily adventure into your life without it taking too much time. At the moment I am super busy with work, and I’m also keen to tie up the loose ends from some of my larger adventures. And yet, I still have the impulse to break into new adventure territory every day.

My 365 Days Of Adventure project has reminded me that I love to learn new things – and that learning feels really adventurous. When I’m learning something new, I’m pioneering. When I’m learning something new, I’m not sure if I’m going to succeed, I’m not sure if I’m going to bump up against my own edges. When I’m learning something new, I’m learning more about myself.

And now that I find myself in a very busy period, to keep the spirit of adventure alive, I’m going to feed that spirit with learning. A wee taste of learning will be enough to keep the spirit alive. It’s as simple as that!

For today’s adventure, I’m learning some basic Hungarian phrases, helped by Hungarian Pod 101 . What I like about these language-learning videos is that they say that you’ll learn something in less than 3 minutes. My inner adventurer gets excited by that invitation 🙂 . Is it really possible for me to do this? As I’m watching the video, I can feel the thrill of adventure and I can feel the fun of learning too.

You can see if I managed to learn some Hungarian in today’s video. I’m saying “Hello. My name is Jane. Nice to meet you! Do you speak English? I don’t speak Hungarian.”

If you know what brings you to life, I wonder what would happen if you spent 3 minutes a day “feeding” that thing? And if you don’t know what brings you to life, I wonder what would happen if you spent 3 minutes a day experimenting and exploring… until you discovered what brings you to life?

I am just going outside and may be some time.