Adventure 314 ~ Daily Sketching Practice [Day 4]

dog in the garden sketching diary day 4For today’s sketching adventure, I drew a picture of my dog as we were sitting in the garden together during my lunch-break. Again, I let my fingers do the drawing and also let them select the colours without too much thought.

My friend Stephanie, an art therapist, looked at the picture I created yesterday and offered some observations and some top tips for helping me to connect with what’s going on in my sketches. You can read her observations about yesterday’s sketch here (please scroll down – her comments are below the video).

She suggested creating a emotional colour key for every sketch. You do this by making your sketch, selecting 7 or 8 key emotions, and then allowing yourself to be drawn to a particular colour for each of the emotions. Now look at your sketch : what’s present and what’s missing, emotionally speaking?

I created a similar type of key for my sketch today. I made the sketch. I then took each colour I used and allowed an association to come up. Today’s colour key is as follows :

1. Red/orange = love, high energy, fast-moving energy
2. Yellow = hope
3. Black = solidity, connection, firmness, groundedness, very slow-moving and dense
4. Green = growth
5. Purple/pink = peace
6. Brown = wisdom
7. Blue = neutral, like a carrier oil, allowing movement

Unfortunately, you can’t see the whole picture in the blog image, but you can see it on today’s video. I explain my interpretation of my sketch in today’s video. The highlights are : it’s an image full of hope, peace, energy, growth and connection. I’m at peace and connected to my dog, to the earth and to myself. My feet reach down through, and into, hope, connection, growth and wisdom. My dog’s nose, ears and tail are all loaded with wisdom too, and he’s full of energy and hope 🙂 .

I am just going outside and may be some time.