Adventure 315 ~ Daily Sketching Practice [Day 5]

daily sketching practice Day 5I had the fullest intention of going outside today, of connecting with an aspect nature and drawing it. But it just didn’t happen like that : it’s lashing down with rain, the wind is sneezing huge gusts in every direction, and my sketchbook is not up to those kind of conditions 😛 .

Instead, I sat on the sofa and waited for something to call my attention. I was scanning the room, expecting a call from the outside. As I was waiting for the sign, something came up inside me and it surprised me!

What asked to be sketched today was a business idea for next year. I’ve been developing this idea for a few weeks now and so I was curious to see what would come out.

I created a new colour key after I’d created the sketch :

1. Yellow = momentum
2. Purple = transition
3. Pink = creativity
4. Red/orange = passion, energy
5. Black = direction, cohesion, connection
6. Green = the past
7. Blue = synergy and collaboration

You can’t see the whole picture in the blog post image, but you can in the video. In summary, the image I created has plenty of positive associations : plenty of energy, direction and creativity. It shows transitioning, collaboration and connection – and whilst ot looks like the past is being left behind, you can see (in the central spiral) that the past is also integrated into the new business idea.

I wonder if there’s anything missing that should be present? I’m totally comfortable with, and even excited about, what is already present in the picture.

I am just going outside and may be some time.