Adventure 168 ~ Sing All The Harmonies Of My Song Together [9]

tolkienToday I attempted to record myself singing the three harmony lines and then I tried to blend the recordings together. I have to admit that it was a bit of a faff (and there are probably very clever and sensible ways to do this which might have made the task a little easier!).

So, I sang the main melody into my phone and then uploaded it onto my laptop. Then I played the melody on my laptop and sang in the bass line whilst recording this with my phone … and then uploaded that … and repeated the operation until all three lines had been recorded together.

I had a bit of difficulty balancing the volumes for each of the lines (and  D minor performance had to be lowered to C minor – mainly because singing the top line in D minor made me sound exactly like the mice on Bagpuss .)

You can listen to the vocal version of my choral piece on SoundCloud here. It’s been really helpful for me to test its ‘singability’ and for detecting “harmony issues”! Now I’ve heard it sung, it definitely needs a huge cave or a cathedral for optimal performance – and maybe an Elvish mass choir 😛

I am just going outside and may be some time.


Adventure 167 ~ Compose A Third Line Of Harmony For My Song [8]

hildegardToday I add in a third line of harmony to my choral piece! It’s getting a bit tricky now (my brain feels pulled in several directions!). You can listen my song “The Call” in a 3-part arrangement on SoundCloud here. The latest harmony line is the loudest ~ this is so my transcriber can pick the new line out with ease.

I’m really looking forward to hearing human voices singing this together 🙂 .

I am just going outside and may be some time.


Adventure 166 ~ Write The Base Line For My Song [7]

bachOooooh. Last night I picked up an 80’s classic from my brother-in-law : a Yamaha organ! I’ve had a lot of fun working out how to use it and I really couldn’t help myself playing it “to the max” today 😛 .

For today’s adventure, I’ve written the base line for the piece. You can hear the base line and the main melody together on SoundCloud here (and yes, I couldn’t help myself fiddling with the Yamaha settings … ). You can hear my voice against the base line here (this is what I’ll send to Gareth, my transcriber).

One of the main things I’ve learned about composing so far is that when you’re relaxed, the music flows!

I am just going outside and may be some time.



Adventure 165 ~ Publish The Lyrics Of My Own Song

sleepIt’s Day 6 of my song-writing adventure and today I’ve written the lyrics for the final verse and published the lyrics in full here. It was only when I’d written the very last line did I realise what the song is really about!

It turns out I have written a song that works on two levels : it’s both a lullaby and a ‘goodbye’, it’s both an invitation to sleep and an invitation to the ‘final long sleep’. I’ve put the lyrics to the final verse below today’s video for you to read 🙂 .


Verse 3 

Close your eyes, it’s late,

I’ll be waiting at the gate

Where the coracle willows are grown.


By the crimson lake

Where the water skippers skate,

Where the seeds of sweet sleep are sown.


I’ll meet you there

With my hands in the air,

A dance in my heart

And my soul without care!


Where the fireflies burn bright,

Where souls sink soft into the night,

Meet me there and I’ll row you safe home.

[Jane Talbot © 2014]


I am just going outside and may be some time 🙂 .



Adventure 164 ~ Compose A Song For A Choir To Sing [Day 5]

spinal tapToday I wrote the second verse of my song (I’ve put the lyrics below today’s video) and came up with a name for the piece : The Call. I sense things are heading in quite a melancholic direction 😛 .

The Big adventure of the day has been speaking to Gareth Hamill, a professional viola player whom I have never met before today!

Find out what happened here ~

The Call ~ Verse Two

Where Hope rides the breeze

And icy waters, they never freeze

Where the fish swim the strawberry forest.


Where the bluebells ring

For the Lavender King

Where the old are young and fearless.


I’ll meet you there

With my hands in the air

A dance in my heart

And my soul without care!


Where hanging stars in minor key

Sing the song of you and me

Where the moon whispers all of her secrets.

[ Jane Talbot © 2014 ]


I am just going outside and may be some time 🙂 .


Adventure 162 ~ Compose A Song For A Choir To Sing [Day 3]

teslabigIn today’s adventure, I complete the melody for an entire verse and muse about the notions of connection and resonance. You can listen to the complete melody on SoundCloud here (sorry – it’s still the same out-of-tune piano and the same “rusty” pianist’s fingers).



I am just going outside and may be some time.

JT 🙂

Adventures 160-161 ~ Compose A Song For A Choir To Sing

HandelGosh – things are really hotting up at Adventure HQ! My new series of adventures is well under way all thanks to my adventure radar’s new upgrade  🙂 .

I’ve decided to write a choral piece with a view to it being performed by a choir. This appeals to me for all sorts of reasons :


  • I’ve never done this before!
  • It feels good to be creating something FOR other people.
  • It feels good to be creating (full stop!).
  • I feels like an act of connection.
  • I’m not quite sure where the music will come from 🙂 .

There are two videos today (for yesterday’s and today’s adventure) and a SoundCloud link too (see how adventurous I’ve become – I’m even hanging out with rockstars now 😛 ). What’s on SoundCloud is the start of a basic melody/leitmotif. At the moment, what’s in my head sounds ‘a capella’  and like it’s in a huge cave or cathedral!

Day 1 Of My Composing Adventure In this adventure, I get the insight that the calls to adventure are making themselves loud and clear. Day 1 is all about getting ready to create.

Day 2 Of My Composing Adventure Today I create some of the basic melody and play it on an out-of-tune piano. I’ve uploaded what I’ve done so far to SoundCloud and you can listen in here .

I am just going outside and may be some time.