Adventure 88 ~ Image Streaming

Today I’m having a go at a technique called image streaming . If practised regularly, it’s supposed to increase your IQ and improve your creativity. After I’d let the experience settle, I had some insights : I’ve put these below the video.

Watch me try image streaming here :

In my dream adventures, the river is a representation of me. In the image streaming experience today, I witnessed a series of images returning back to the river. In my life right now, I am taking action to return to myself. Something feels significant about landing on a tiny,spinning planet and being huge and (again!) bare. Bareness awakens the feeling of vulnerability in me ; a small planet and a big “me” brings the words “not fitting” to mind and the spinning elicits a sense of dislodgement and movement. As I type these associations, something is emerging that is making my heart pound!

I am just going outside and may be some time 🙂 .