Adventure 152 ~ Have An Out Of Body Experience [1]

OBEToday’s adventure choice took me a little by surprise ~ it’s almost like I didn’t choose it consciously! I received an email with details of an audio programme sale and clicked through to the product page. As I scrolled through the programmes, one jumped out at me “How To Have An Out Of  Body Experience” by William Buhlman. When I say it jumped out at me, I mean exactly that : it was as if it rose out of the page!

It’s a 7-hour programme and I’m definitely going to give it a full whirl having listened to the first CD today (at one point I got the tingles!)

In today’s video you can hear about what I’ve gleaned so far. At one point I mention that 80% of people can have an OBE. I should correct that by saying that William Buhlman believes that such experiences are possible for all of us and that 80% of people who follow this particular programme have been successful in transcending their physical bodies.

This is a whole new order of adventuring and I’m up for it! 🙂 . In today’s CD, William described OBEs as “the cutting edge of  human exploration” ~ if that isn’t an invitation to adventure, I don’t know what is!

I am just going outside [my own body 😛 ] and may be some time.