Adventures 153 – 157 ~ Way Out Of Body Weirdness And Webinar Wonders!

Ooooff! It’s been a full-on week of adventuring and have I got big news for you 🙂 !

You can find out how my Out Of Body Experience adventuring has been going in the first 4 short videos (day 3 and day 4 of my OBE adventure are particularly … unusual 😛 ) The 5th video of the week is all about the preparation for my live webinar adventure on the 19th June . The webinar is free and it would be brilliant if you could join me for this adventure : you can get more details and register here.

My Out Of Body Experience Adventures

Day 2 of my OBE adventure [153] Today is all about learning how to condition and target our conscious attention away from our physical body.

Day 3 of my OBE adventure [155] Today I learn the protection technique and the target technique … and something very strange indeed happens!

Day 4 of my OBE adventure [156] If you thought yesterday’s adventure was a bit “out there”, well today’s is even further “out there”!

Day 5 of my OBE adventure [157] Today I learn the energy vortex technique.

My Webinar Adventure [154] Well, I got there in the end! I’ve made a new welcome video for the event, set up everything on the webinar platform and launched the event. You can sign up for the free event (and watch the new welcome video) here. In this adventure, I start to realise something important 🙂 .

I am just going outside and may be some time.