Adventures 158 &159 ~ Have An Out Of Body Experience [6/7]

sgThe last two forays into the world of Out Of Body Experiences have been fascinating and , at times, a little overwhelming. I’m not sure whether I can make conscious, rational sense of my experiences yet. However, what I can say with total certainty is that  these past seven days of adventuring have had a profound emotional impact on me (in a really positive way) . As a tool for personal discovery, OBEs are certainly both rapid and effective!

I am looking forward to continuing this inward journey. The territory is  wild yet inviting ; strange yet familiar ; vast and immense  yet intimate and cradling.

If you want to try this for yourself, I really recommend that you maintain an open, curious and allowing state of mind. I expected to have an experience of something – even if that meant that nothing at all happened or that I remained firmly in my body. I decided to allow all experience to be valid and I think that really helps. I would also recommend William Buhlman’ s CDs – not just for the “training” but also for the stories about his OBE adventures which are fascinating.

Day 6 Of My OBE Adventure In today’s adventure, a part of me knows that it’s really the right time to sit up and pay proper attention 🙂 .

Day 7 Of My OBE Adventure This is my final (recorded) OBE adventure and today I had the most profound experience so far. I set the intention to experience my Higher Self. You can watch what happened here ~

I am just going outside and may be some time.



Adventures 153 – 157 ~ Way Out Of Body Weirdness And Webinar Wonders!

Ooooff! It’s been a full-on week of adventuring and have I got big news for you 🙂 !

You can find out how my Out Of Body Experience adventuring has been going in the first 4 short videos (day 3 and day 4 of my OBE adventure are particularly … unusual 😛 ) The 5th video of the week is all about the preparation for my live webinar adventure on the 19th June . The webinar is free and it would be brilliant if you could join me for this adventure : you can get more details and register here.

My Out Of Body Experience Adventures

Day 2 of my OBE adventure [153] Today is all about learning how to condition and target our conscious attention away from our physical body.

Day 3 of my OBE adventure [155] Today I learn the protection technique and the target technique … and something very strange indeed happens!

Day 4 of my OBE adventure [156] If you thought yesterday’s adventure was a bit “out there”, well today’s is even further “out there”!

Day 5 of my OBE adventure [157] Today I learn the energy vortex technique.

My Webinar Adventure [154] Well, I got there in the end! I’ve made a new welcome video for the event, set up everything on the webinar platform and launched the event. You can sign up for the free event (and watch the new welcome video) here. In this adventure, I start to realise something important 🙂 .

I am just going outside and may be some time.




Adventure 152 ~ Have An Out Of Body Experience [1]

OBEToday’s adventure choice took me a little by surprise ~ it’s almost like I didn’t choose it consciously! I received an email with details of an audio programme sale and clicked through to the product page. As I scrolled through the programmes, one jumped out at me “How To Have An Out Of  Body Experience” by William Buhlman. When I say it jumped out at me, I mean exactly that : it was as if it rose out of the page!

It’s a 7-hour programme and I’m definitely going to give it a full whirl having listened to the first CD today (at one point I got the tingles!)

In today’s video you can hear about what I’ve gleaned so far. At one point I mention that 80% of people can have an OBE. I should correct that by saying that William Buhlman believes that such experiences are possible for all of us and that 80% of people who follow this particular programme have been successful in transcending their physical bodies.

This is a whole new order of adventuring and I’m up for it! 🙂 . In today’s CD, William described OBEs as “the cutting edge of  human exploration” ~ if that isn’t an invitation to adventure, I don’t know what is!

I am just going outside [my own body 😛 ] and may be some time.