Adventures 158 &159 ~ Have An Out Of Body Experience [6/7]

sgThe last two forays into the world of Out Of Body Experiences have been fascinating and , at times, a little overwhelming. I’m not sure whether I can make conscious, rational sense of my experiences yet. However, what I can say with total certainty is that  these past seven days of adventuring have had a profound emotional impact on me (in a really positive way) . As a tool for personal discovery, OBEs are certainly both rapid and effective!

I am looking forward to continuing this inward journey. The territory is  wild yet inviting ; strange yet familiar ; vast and immense  yet intimate and cradling.

If you want to try this for yourself, I really recommend that you maintain an open, curious and allowing state of mind. I expected to have an experience of something – even if that meant that nothing at all happened or that I remained firmly in my body. I decided to allow all experience to be valid and I think that really helps. I would also recommend William Buhlman’ s CDs – not just for the “training” but also for the stories about his OBE adventures which are fascinating.

Day 6 Of My OBE Adventure In today’s adventure, a part of me knows that it’s really the right time to sit up and pay proper attention 🙂 .

Day 7 Of My OBE Adventure This is my final (recorded) OBE adventure and today I had the most profound experience so far. I set the intention to experience my Higher Self. You can watch what happened here ~

I am just going outside and may be some time.